Introducing Construction
Chemical Products Group
For complete protection
and color correction.

Introducing Construction Chemical Products Group

On Tuesday, August 26, 2014, the captain launched the Army Chemical Products Construction Group To respond to the growing trend of construction chemicals. With a total market value of more than 5,000-6,000 million baht and reinforce the strategy of the old market.
With the launch of 3 products, the solution is as follows:
The first group ran out of plaster, with a cap of acrylic filler or 302 acrylic cap for sealer and 102 skim skunk cap for thin plaster. Open recipe available.
Group 2 has a 100% leaky roof with 95% heat reflectivity, allowing the homeowner to save money with Captain Roof Coolant Max. Contains Advanced Microsphere that act as insulation for heat reflection.
Lastly, the product group helps to eliminate the moisture, fungus and moss. With Captain Water Resilient, the water solution meets the needs of the interior and oil formulation for exterior applications that require exceptional durability. The original item was Captain Damampard and Captain Molder Killer, who also helped alleviate the problem of moss.

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